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Writing ‘My World’


My first single! Who would’ve thought?

The single is up on iTunes® tomorrow and the radio edit is free (for a limited time) on my Facebook® page (also tomorrow).

Amazingly, “My World” has taken a long road to get where it is. It was originally recorded in the summer of 2009 with only temp lyrics. The final lyrics didn’t happen until March 2010. Since that time, it has been catalogued under…well, “not ready to release!”

The temp title was “Rock Love Ballad” so I kept trying to write lyrics for a love song. After countless hours, endless scribbled note paper, and quite a few headaches, I decided the love song angle just wasn’t working out. New direction: hmm…?

Still stymied, I just wrote down what I was feeling at the time. I was…frustrated. However, I knew I could finish the song, so I was still hopeful. I continued to write in an almost stream of consciousness fashion until I began discovering some good ideas. Then I quit for the day and ate some ice cream. (Tip: ice cream always helps in songwriting. Not sure why, but I think someone should do a study on it and get the figures down. I’d volunteer for the study! My current favorite is Breyer’s® Butter Almond!)

Over the next few days, I hammered out the rest of the lyrics and got the song structure to fit with the recorded tracks.

Next objective…recording vocals…in a make-shift vocal booth made of air mattresses poised and balanced in the hallway. Being a college student is so awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll update on the mixing, which was actually the most fun I’ve ever had mixing! After doing jazz that requires a mostly natural room, clarity in the vocals, and instrumental sounds, doing a pop song allowed Erik (my brother and all-around genius music engineer) to experiment with some pretty sweet plug ins and outboard gear.

Until tomorrow!

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