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So COLD!!!!!…and Work


I can’t even believe how cold it is in Utah. It feels like the winter in Iowa (pictured above leaving work at Cumulus®) that I left a week ago.

So I am in Utah going to work this morning (no picture but you can imagine) and it’s only 3 degrees outside. I could see my breath—inside the car!

Fortunately, the work was inside. I am an on-call magazine article reader for the sight-impaired at the LDS Motion Picture Studio.

Obviously, the articles I read today are not online yet. To give you an idea of what I sound like as a reader, here’s the article “Chain Reaction” I recorded previously, when it was much warmer. It is from the New Era, a religious magazine for teens.

Frankly, I love the cold. I am just surprised that Utah cold feels like Iowa cold lately.

It only follows that today’s song be “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from Jazzy Christmas to You!.

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