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Recording and All that Prep!

This is from recording in April...looking forward to tomorrow's session!

Tomorrow we switch gears from mixing to recording!

I’ve been getting charts ready for months. Tomorrow’s session is going to be for a jazz standards album to be released in 2013. Haven’t decided on a title yet…but rest assured it will be a good one.

Erik is getting the equipment ready, making sure all of it is in shape for tomorrow. He cleaned his Yamaha® M406 mixer with 6 Class-A preamps it was modded and his Gallien-Krueger® MB150E bass amp with DeoxIt® D5. He also lubed the faders on his Mackie® CR1604-BLZ Mixer with DeoxIt® F5.

We will be trying out some new mics that Erik borrowed from a friend. Usually I use my Neumann® KMS 105, but we thought we might try out the Shure® KSM 9 tomorrow, too. I’ve used it in live performances that were multi-tracked, but never for this kind of recording. Other mics we are trying are the Audix® SCX25A and the Audix® D6!

Even though normally used for vocal overdubs in a large room or just an untreated room, we’re going to try out in a “live” situation our new MXL® RF-100 Reflection Filter tomorrow. It may not work, but it’s worth a try to help isolate the vocal and drum mics from picking up sounds they shouldn’t!

Jesse Quebbeman-Turley is coming by tonight to set up his drums so we are ready to start in the morning!

Zach Wiggins is back on keyboard and we have a new-comer on bass: Josh Larsen! James Archibald has been my loyal bassist for six years, but he is now in Texas after finishing his Master’s in Physics. Going to miss you, James, but welcome Josh!

Stay tuned for pictures and audio!

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  • Chasedone September 23, 2012, 10:12 pm

    I’m excited to hear the sounds from the recording session!

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