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Radio Jingle and Virtual Instruments


Today Erik and I orchestrated and produced a radio jingle!

The tune was basically written as were the lyrics, though we did change both slightly.  We were given carte blanche!

First, we recorded a simple piano part, then a syncopated bass line. We did this on a small MIDI controller. Then we pulled out EZ Drummer® and that’s when the jingle really started shaping up!

We got EZ Drummer® as part of a deal through Sweetwater® last November and haven’t ever used it–we’ve always had the “real deal” drum tracks for songs. But we didn’t have the luxury or the time to have a drummer get all miced and play the track for us. (Erik is actually a drummer, but we were in a time crunch.)

I am so pleased with how “easy” EZ Drummer® is to use! I plan to find more opportunities to use it in the future on other projects.

Now, don’t get too worked up. I still prefer having a drummer lay down “human” tracks. There is no substitute for developed talent in human skill, ideas, and feeling. But for this situation, EZ Drummer® was a life saver!

After the drum tracks were finished, we automated the sustains on the piano track. Then we changed the piano patch to a guitar patch.

Next we recorded my vocals. We did a few different kinds of jingles (the entire jingle, just the phone number, etc.) to give the company options for the commercial.

Then we added reverb, compression, then mastering compression (hello, sound wars!) and bounced the tracks.

Not a bad day’s work in three hours, eh?

Stay tuned for more sound and recording adventures!

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