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Pulling the Birthday Card

In our family, we have a tradition called claiming the “birthday card.” For the week before and week after someone’s birthday, they can say they don’t want to do something by “pulling the birthday card.”

In general we use it for little things. For example, if mom asked Erik to take the garbage out on the day before his birthday, Erik could smile and say, “Birthday card!” We’d all laugh and someone else would take the garbage out!

It’s all really in good fun. We also pull the “birthday card” when the family can’t decide what to watch or what to eat near someone’s birthday. The default is the birthday person gets to choose!

I don’t know how the tradition started, but we sure love the “birthday card!”

So this has gotten me in a sentimental mood, I think I must be ready for a “Sentimental Journey” courtesy of Doris Day.

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