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My Hair: The Long and Short of It

The short: I loved my spunky, short hair...

I’ve had my hair short since I was 17 and have been coloring since then as well. I’ve had some length creep in there through the years, but I always ended up cutting it shorter again.

The short hair has never really had a “style,” it was just short and somewhat wild. It had some spiky phases (not punk by any means, but it had some soft height). I liked that it was different and people always knew who I was just by referring to my hair–the girl with the short, spiky hair streaked with red, blond, and brown.

The long: a little more sophisticated!

The long: a little more sophisticated!

The other reason I kept my hair short was purely aesthetic–my hair always looked awful when it was long. It was bushy, thick in the wrong places, too thin in others. Not that my hair is thick, it’s actually very fine, but I have a lot of it!

Then I made a discovery while I was trying to let my hair go as long as possible without a cut or color: my hair looked nice longer! Granted, it didn’t have the same “shock” factor of my shorter hair, but it was more elegant. So I decided to let my hair get longer and see what would happen.

So now my hair is long! And I’m going to keep it long. Sometimes I reminisce about my short hair, but then I look in the mirror and realize I really do love it long. In fact, I find myself wishing it would grow faster so it would be even longer!

Now, ironically, that was a long explanation for a short story…I’ve been getting the CD inserts for Jazzy Christmas to You II printed and noticed the difference in the cover from earlier CD album covers: that lovely long hair!

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