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Mixing for Christmas! (Love it!)

Jillaine_Jazzy Christmas To You_Cover

Today we started up again with mixing our next CD, Jazzy Christmas To You II! As you can guess, it is a Christmas CD. I absolutely LOVE Christmas…it’s my favorite time of year, I listen to Christmas music almost year-round. I even love snow!

So, the first song we started mixing today is an original written by Justin Jensen and me! It’s titled “Santa Blues” and is about Santa and is a blues…hence the title.

I also love the blues. It is my favorite kind of music to sing. I love the freedom blues allow me as a vocalist to really add personality, improv, and growls (my favorite effect to use)! I also use a lot of blue notes. In fact I’ve been told all of my music utilizes the blues in some way, which I take to be a very high compliment!

So having a Christmas blues is…like an early Christmas! Last year my favorite blues off of Jazzy Christmas To You! was “Merry Christmas, Baby.” Sometimes I think I should just sing blues…

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