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Love Song? You Bet!

Front Cover The Moment

So I’m known for my angry, confrontational, “you-don’t-love-me,” “you-are-a-jerk” original songs. People who know me personally are often shocked I write so many of these songs because I am very happy, well-adjusted, and cheerful.

I have performed and recorded covers of many love songs, but I’ve never written one. Frankly, I have tried REALLY hard to write a love song, but never could get words to work out the way I liked. That changed a few months ago…NOT because I am dating someone I love!

I’ve never had to deliver a song on a topic before, but a last semester class required I do just that. Plus, I was assigned a co-writer, Justin Jensen. Musically, our styles complimented each other and we were able to knock out a beautiful love song, “The Moment,” which just landed on iTunes® today. It’s a duet and features Justin on voice and piano.

My next point. I learned I could write on demand with the right co-writer. This is liberating because I have overcome the “I-can-only-write-songs-about-what-I’m-feeling-right-now” writer’s block.

So who knows? Now that I’ve made this break-through, it may even spill over into my cover art, which has never shown me smiling on the four albums and two singles I have released thus far. Maybe you’ll see a demure grin on the next cover! Maybe!

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