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I Get Along Without a Curling Iron Very Well…Except Sometimes…

It’s no secret I’ve been letting my hair grow longer. I absolutely love my long hair, but I realized two weeks ago that I’m really missing something: a curling iron.

I love my flat iron. It’s fantastic and keeps the frizz under control. I’m able to get a soft curl with it but now that my hair is so long, I really need a curling iron to get some real curls into my hair.

Actually, I used to own a curling iron; in fact, I owned three: 1/2″, 1″, and 1-1/2″. I kept them under my sink where it is usually a safe place to keep things like that. However, several months ago my sink blew a gasket–literally! Water spewed everywhere. I thought I’d gotten everything dry. Wrong!

About a month after the broken gasket experience, I went to use one of my curling irons and to my horror, all three had rusted.

I have yet to replace even one of my curling irons because I can’t decide which size to buy…oh well. I suppose I could say that I get along without a curling iron very well…except sometimes.

Which brings me to today’s song, “I Get Along Without You Very Well” sung by Frank Sinatra.

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