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Halloween, Photography and CD Designs!

Halloween is so much fun!

I love to dress up, so it’s a good thing it’s Halloween. I am dressed up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The best part is I didn’t need a wig since I now have long hair—a change quite a few people have noticed! Frankly, my hair just keeps getting longer and I love it! Erik, my brother and sound engineer, dressed up as Frodo in his totally custom costume!

But even more than Halloween, I love Christmas, especially Christmas music!

And what would music be without the cover art? Absolutely nowhere if you ask me!

Erik is not only an incredible sound engineer but he’s a pretty nifty photographer, too! On all of my previous album covers I’m not smiling. But on Jazzy Christmas to You II I’m smiling a big, happy smile that seems to show how big my mouth is!


For this Christmas album, I wanted a design that was as bright and cheery as the smile Erik captured while taking pictures for it. I love snow and the color blue, so to me, icy blues and whites mixed with snowflakes is bright and cheery! One of the most bright and cheery people I know is my friend who is also a talented artist, Katie Payne! So Erik and I made a mock up of what we envisioned and then asked Katie to make it look like art…instead of like a mock up of what we envisioned…!

And what a beautiful cover she made!  She did it so quickly and professionally, too!

Katie is an amazing person in addition to being an amazing artist! She is now living in New York City with her husband who is also an artist. I kept texting her as Hurricane Sandy neared the area. I just wanted to make sure they were all right. Of course, she joked then reassured me they were handling things just fine!

Fortunately, Katie agreed to do some other work for me, too! So you will be seeing more of her work on upcoming projects.

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  • Chasedone November 1, 2012, 12:18 am

    I love the album cover!!!! So happy and Christmasy! Great work!

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