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Corgi Love: Deno


I love dogs. End of story. And I especially love Pembroke Welsh Corgis, those funny little dogs with the big attitudes and short legs.

Dogs love unconditionally, it seems. Give them a good brushing, a few treats and they love you forever. But there’s more to it than that.

A Corgi has a mind of its own—if they think fetch is a dumb game, it’s a good bet you’ll be the one fetching. They love food and figure out ways to get it from you—they’re sneaky that way. But they also are fiercely loyal to their people.

It took Deno a month or so to adjust to us, but he was loyal from the beginning. He loved all of us and we loved him. Sure, he had a few accidents on the rug (I think they were temper tantrums when he didn’t feel we were paying enough attention to him) but accidents are fixable.

He’s never chewed on anything—except the corners of books! Talk about a weird thing to chew on.

In short, we just love our six-year-old puppy, Deno. He’s a handful sometimes, but what family member isn’t at some point in life?

Here’s a song from another of my favorite Dinos, Dean Martin. It’s “Sway,” which I’ve highlighted before, but it’s such a great song! I have a live recording of me singing this with my jazz combo that will be on an upcoming jazz album.

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