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Christmas Gift Success!

So let me just say that my and Erik’s gift to our mom for Christmas was a success!

We love French Potatoes in our family and they are simple to make—except for the slicing of the potatoes. It could take two people upwards of 40 minutes to slice enough potatoes to make a large recipe and the potato slices would be anything but uniform.

This is where mine and Erik’s gift comes in: a mandoline slicer. Basically, it’s the best kitchen gadget ever. Erik sliced the potatoes in five minutes. It actually took longer to peel the potatoes than slice them!

Before today’s success with the mandoline slicer, I was almost regretting getting it for my mom for two reasons:

  1. I was shopping with my mom and my older brother when we got her a real food processor (one of those door buster deals.) It had a slicer attachment.
  2. We tried to make sweet potato fries on the mandoline slicer and it didn’t work. The sweet potatoes are too hard.

So I was feeling like the mandoline slicer had been an “epic fail” gift. But we hadn’t tried it yet on the very dish we bought it for. It ended up working perfectly.

Since this is such a domestic blog post, let’s go with one of my favorite “domestic-y” songs. Check out Peggy Lee singing “I’m a Woman!”

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  • Chasedone January 6, 2013, 11:26 pm

    So glad!!!!! I was feeling bad about the gift too so great news that it works so well!!!!

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