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Artist Interview


Last week I was interviewed via email for an artist spot on the Christmas music blog Merry and Bright.

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: With two Christmas albums released in two years, it’s clear that you love Christmas music. How did this develop? Was Christmas music a big part of your childhood?

A: Actually, I pull out Christmas music by July! With the recordings for these two albums, I have been able to enjoy Christmas music production year round. My family has always included music with Christmas. On Dec. 23 or Christmas Eve, my family carols to our neighbors and people in the community we want to thank for their contributions to making living in our town better. We bring baklava and other family favorites to share. Sometimes my sister brings her soprano sax home and accompanies us…”

Read the rest of the interview at Merry and Bright! Check out Jazzy Christmas to You! and Jazzy Christmas to You IIMerry Christmas!

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