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Warm and Serve: Love


I love to make food from scratch, but occasionally I find a special food item that comes from a box or the freezer that I absolutely love. Sister Schubert’s® Dinner Yeast Rolls are one of those great “store bought” items!

They are just so tasty. And in just six or seven minutes I can have a flaky roll that is warm and ready to eat right out of the oven!

Even though it’s warm outside and there’s not a snowflake in sight today, these freezer “warm and serve” rolls make me think of “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” sung by Dean Martin. I’ve highlighted the song before when it was cold outside, but it’s such a classic song it needs another go-round when it’s warm outside because there is always room in my day for love and yummy rolls!

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About Jillaine: As a professional jazz singer who also studies law, savoring daily nosh with family refreshes me. You are invited to my table to try great food, hear tasty music, and join in upbeat conversation!

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