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Visiting Field of Dreams®


Today my family visited the Field of Dreams® movie site in Dyersville, Iowa.

We love to visit the site at least once a year. Visiting is like seeing a part of Americana as strangers become friends just by wanting to be there. Once you step on that field, it’s as if magic happens and everyone experiences something incredible.

As one visitor we met said, “This is what America is all about: playing a pick up game on the Field of Dreams®!”

If you’ve never been to the Field of of Dreams® movie site, I wholeheartedly recommend you visit when you are in eastern Iowa. You will witness firsthand what the phrase “If you build it, he [they] will come” means!

As much as we would have loved to eat great corn on the cob after our visit, the corn just hasn’t come on yet this year.

Check out the suite from the Field of Dreams® soundtrack!

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