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From the time I was little, I remember loving to watch storms. My brother and I would go in the living room and move the couch with our Dad and sit by the big front window. We loved it!

And when I was 12, we got our dog, Dylan. He was so afraid of storms he would hide under whichever bed was closest. So Erik and I would make forts for him and sit with him during the storms. As Dylan aged he got less afraid of storms. We think his increasing hearing loss attributed to his fear lessening–but he was still able to sense the storms coming.

I hope I get to see a little of the impending storm tonight!  It is true there is a tornado watch until 3:00 AM Monday morning for northeastern Iowa. I always pray that tornados do not develop but we always prepare for them by making sure everything outside is secured.

So instead of worrying about tornados coming, I recollect the fun times staying up as a little kid to watch the wind blow the trees, hear the rain pelting the roof and see the water temporarily flood the streets. Storms are great when you feel safe inside protected from the elements!

When it is stormy, it is not sunny at all. It is good to remember that the sun will reappear but when it is not there, it simply is not there! I’ve highlighted other “stormy” songs before so I am sharing “Ain’t No Sunshine” sung by Eva Cassidy, a marvelously emotive singer and performer whose life was too short but whose music lives on!

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  • Laura May 19, 2013, 8:34 pm

    I miss those midwestern thunderstorms and torndado watches! So intense!

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