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Singing the National Anthem


Today I sang the national anthem for the BYU Women’s Basketball vs. Pepperdine game. The BYU Women won 68-42!

I always love to sing the national anthem. I feel great respect for my country and the flag. I wish I had more opportunities to sing the national anthem at events!

I also appreciate feedback on my performances and today’s was all good! One of the BYU assistant coaches took my arm and told me, “That was really good!” The director in charge of BYU sports-related auxiliaries (like selecting people for the national anthem) emphatically told me that I “killed it.” And a woman on the front row said to me as I was returning to my seat, “It’s a consensus. That was amazing!”

I hope soon to have the recording of today’s performance up on YouTube, but since I don’t have it yet, here’s “The Star Spangled Banner” from my album As American As Jazz. I know I posted it yesterday, but it is the national anthem, so it deserves a second day! I love the USA!

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