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Radio and Ann Romney

From Johnny J at Cumulus I learned all about writing commercials.

I wrote spec commercials for salespeople to pitch to prospective clients. I wrote commercials that were recorded and aired–after Johnny looked them over and gave me pointers! I learned to put the hook at the beginning, not the end. Also to make every word count. Brevity and clarity are of most importance when information is being squeezed into 15-, 30-, and 60-second commercials.

And of course, the beauty of a really great commercial is to make it seem like you aren’t jamming all the information into that tiny spot!

Speaking of..uh hum…speaking…I watched Ann Romney’s speech tonight at the Republican National Convention and I was truly impressed with her eloquence and unabashed honesty.

I am not a crier. I probably cry, at most, twenty times during the calendar year. I just don’t cry. But when I heard Ann Romney talk about how important women are to our country, to husbands, to children, in their jobs, and to their communities, I cried. I haven’t heard a woman speak so simply yet powerfully about the incredible influence women have and that they do not expect life to be easy.

I love to see powerful women who are real. To me, real means they have problems that they work through. They love their families. They love their husbands. They love to work hard. They love to give. They sacrifice. They go without. They are daughters. They are wives. They are mothers. They are grandmothers.

Basically, Ann Romney reminds me of my own mom. And frankly, I think everyone who heard her speech could think the very same thing and feel gratitude for a mom who loved them.

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