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Photographs and Memories


Today I read about apertures, ISOs, and shutter speed in photography.  Brett Bird, my videographer and photographer and friend, suggested I check out digital-photography-school.com. I read through many of the blog entries today. There are entries about camera parts, subject composition, post production, and more! It was great fun!

I’ve always been a bit confused by apertures, ISOs, and shutter speeds, but am now a little more enlightened now. I tried out what I learned using a 50mm f/1.5 lens with a hood. I’ve never used this lens before. First, I tried manual focus, and then I tried auto focus.

The photo of raspberry plant leaves above I did with manual focus. It was fun to try out different settings and subjects to see how letting in more or less light changed the exposure of the photo!

I could think of just one song for this blog: Jim Croce’sPhotographs and Memories.” I love this plaintive ballad because Croce infuses such genuine longing into it with his rugged voice and articulate guitar playing!

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