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Raspberry Chocolate Freezer Cake

Ever tried to make a recipe and have it turn out differently than planned? I'll be honest. I've never been very good at layer cakes. Somehow, my layers end up too thin or my cake turns out too moist to layer without drooping. Perhaps some of that is due to my ad hoc baking pans Read More

Barbecue Meatballs

Barbecue Meatballs

What the world needs now is another meatball variety, right? Meatballs are versatile. I just had to try a barbecue meatball! These extraordinary meatballs amid a world of ordinary meatballs will definitely delight! So take a listen to "I'm Glad There is You (In This World of Ordinary People)" sung by the extraordinary Frank Sinatra.   Read More

Spicy Parmesan Crisps

Want to try a different kind of salad topper? You can nibble on these while you are eating your salad or crumble them over the top of your salad! These spicy Parmesan crisps are easy and very tasty! If you aren't fond of heat, just leave the cayenne pepper out. So, since this is a Read More

Skillet Beef Fajitas

Ever wanted to swap out one type of meat for another in one of your favorite recipes? I love the skillet chicken fajitas my sister and I came up with over the summer. Recently, I wanted skillet chicken fajitas, only to discover I didn't have any chicken. So I tried the recipe with some eye Read More

Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread

Ever wanted in a loaf of wheat bread the health benefits of wheat but the airiness of white all-purpose flour? By using both wheat and white flours, the bread takes on the best attributes of both types of bread! The hardest part for me when making yeast breads (like this wheat bread) is the rising Read More

Caramel Apple

Ever wanted to make caramel apples in a group, but still make your very own apple by yourself and exactly the way you want it? This easy recipe keeps the caramel in individual portions and the toppings readily accessible to everyone. I absolutely adore caramel apples! Caramel apples are my favorite autumn food (well, besides pumpkin chiffon Read More

Individual Brownie Pies

Who wouldn't love to have someone serve an individual brownie pie? These brownie pies are so rich. Don't let their density fool you--they are actually very light! The chocolate has just enough sweet to balance out the bitter unsweetened chocolate to create complexity in the flavor. Even though having an individual brownie pie may be Read More

Chicken and Spanish Rice

Need a quick, stovetop dinner? This chicken and Spanish rice dish is both quick and easily made on the stove! Let's just say this week has been quite a week after last week's law school placement break. I definitely needed some quick and easy, yet always tasty meals as I got back into high gear Read More

Heart Healthy Meatballs

Who knew that meatballs could be made without eggs? Just substitute a little unflavored gelatin and you get a heart-healthier meatball! Plus, stick the cabbage in the food processor and chop away. You will never even know the cabbage is there! Additionally, help make your heart happier by not fearing the sad times that inevitably Read More

Caramel Pecan Rolls

The joy a sweet roll brings is boundless, isn't it? I cannot take credit for this heavenly creation. That goes to my mother. She has been trying for years to perfect a caramel sweet roll recipe, without success--until now! These rolls keep well in the fridge when put in tight container. However, I doubt you'll Read More