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Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

I’m not sure why these cookies are called “old fashioned” sugar cookies other than they seem a bit old fashioned. They are a rolled into a ball and rolled in sugar rather than rolled out and cut out with a cookie cutter. Regardless, I do love them!

Usually, I roll them in colored sugar but I was out of it. I could have used Sugar in the Raw® which gives the cookies a golden hue! Instead, I used Wilton® White Sparkling Sugar. I think the sheen makes them look particularly old fashioned!

These cookies literally melt in your mouth! Just be careful not to over bake them. If you do, they will be crispy wafers instead of soft cookies.

Honestly, whenever I hear the words “old fashioned” I think of the Frank Sinatra Christmas song “An Old Fashioned Christmas.” I know it’s July, but there is such a thing as Christmas in July, so I think it’s okay to use a Christmas song!

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