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My Dog has IBS


Deno is the family (well, my brother’s) dog we adopted a year ago from the Humane Society. I’ve written about how sick he was when we adopted him. Well, we had no idea he was sick again!

He sometimes tosses his lunch, but we thought he just drinks too fast or doesn’t chew his food enough since he tends to inhale it in his haste to eat! We wondered if there was mold in his water fountain so we washed it but couldn’t keep it mold-free. So we threw it away and switched to using his low tech bowl. No change. We then thought his food was too old so we got a new bag but no change. We fed him rice and unseasoned hamburger. Hardly any improvement. So we took him to the vet today.

Dr. Connie at Dyersville Veterinary Clinic recognized that he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. I didn’t know dogs could have it but he does. I’ve had a few friends who have IBS and I know it causes great pain. Poor little Deno has been in pain. He wasn’t being grumpy to be grumpy, he’s just had one whopper of a stomach ache! Now Deno will have food and supplements that will help him be a perkier, happier pup!

So from one Deno to another Dino, check out Dean Martin singing “I’d Cry Like a Baby.” If only our Deno could sing…now that he is going to be feeling better!

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