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I’ll Be Seeing You… But with Glasses or Contacts?


I have a confession to make. I can’t see well at all without glasses. Yet I always perform without my glasses. I’m just more comfortable that way. I also generally take my glasses off when I’m photographed, too. Not sure why, it’s just a habit.

For years I’ve tried to convince myself to get contact lenses. I just have a problem with putting something next to my eye. Never mind that millions of people wear contacts everyday, including my sister, and they have no trouble with them.

Though I do remember the days when my sister had just gotten her contacts (which were hard lenses) and she’d drop one on the floor as she tried to put it in. All of us madly looked for it, hoping no one stepped on it before it was found.

I’ve never been bothered by wearing glasses. Nothing on my face—including headgear in third grade—has ever bothered me much.

So I guess I will continue to just wear glasses!

Now, I really can’t see without my glasses. Details blur into blob of colors. But with my glasses, the world is clear and I can see very well.

So here’s “I’ll Be Seeing You” sung by Frank Sinatra. I’ve actually sung a transcription of this arrangement with a big band. Love it!

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