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End of the Semester Homework Clean Up

I don’t think there is a student on the face of the planet who doesn’t love selling back textbooks and throwing away homework at the end of a semester. I, for one, relish tossing what I won’t ever refer to again. On the other hand, I do file what I want to keep!

Throwing away homework does not mean I don’t love my classes. I do. I just love the sense of completion when I can throw away class notes that I’ll never look at again! And, yes, I do recycle!

I am a saver so I tear out the used pages of notebooks and save the unused portions for future use! In other words, I salvage partially used notebooks the next semester or I use them as lyric books for either writing original lyrics or memorizing jazz standards.

Anyway, it was a great feeling to sort through my notes today! By cleaning out and organizing, I remind myself that I have a little bit of control over my immediate environment!

Regarding environment, the spring weather has been really strange and unpredictable of late. So here’s the jazz standard “Stormy Weather” sung by Etta James. I think I should add “Stormy Weather” to my chart books so I can sing it at my next jazz performance.

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