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Brownie Toppings Variations


First thing I did this morning: make brownies. Now if I had checked the weather I would have known it was supposed to stay cool all day, thus I didn’t need to have made the brownies early so the oven was on when it was cold and not hot outside.

So my new favorite treat after class (well, rediscovery of an old favorite treat) is to have a frozen homemade brownie. Lest you think I am endangering my teeth, have no fear. I let the brownie thaw, but eat it before it warms up too much.

I tried a whole bunch of different kinds of toppings: butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, vanilla chips, and toffee bits. My favorite? The vanilla chips. But I do love to experiment and try new spins on old favorites. For me, a brownie can just chase away any blues! I keep some ready in the freezer!

So check out a very young Ella Fitzgerald singing “I’ll Chase the Blues Away” with the Chick Webb orchestra.

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About Jillaine: As a professional jazz singer who also studies law, savoring daily nosh with family refreshes me. You are invited to my table to try great food, hear tasty music, and join in upbeat conversation!

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