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Doing it for the Team or Meeting the Ungas

Harvey and Keilani Unga

“I’m doing it for the team.” That’s what we say in our family when we do something we usually do not do but do anyway because it is important to someone else in the family! Late Saturday night, my mom did just that!

My sister, Amy, LOVES BYU football. I don’t think she has ever missed a game. That’s our Amy!

Erik, the other half of the Jillaine Records team, is the audio mixer for the live broadcasts of BYUtv’s Countdown to Kickoff  pregame show and the BYUtv Sports Postgame Show  for away games. Naturally, I was tuned in during Countdown to Kickoff. So was Amy, who texted my mom asking if somehow a “Harvey Unga” autograph could make it onto some Chaston BYU gear!

Being a creative problem solver, my mom realized that she might by chance see Harvey after the BYUtv Sports Postgame Show  while she waited to give Erik a ride home from work. I collected a couple of BYU presents set aside for Christmas for Amy and my older brother, Keith William. I grabbed a BYU hat of Erik’s and put them all in a bag for my mom to take with her to pick up Erik. I also double checked that the black Sharpie wasn’t dried out. I kept her posted on the progress of the Postgame Show.

As you see, my mom got a picture of Harvey and his wife, Keilani, who is on the BYU Women’s Basketball team. What a beautiful couple—and so gracious to take the time to visit with my mom!

Actually, a few years ago Keilani, Erik and I were all in the same performance psychology class. Keilani even remembered Erik and me from class, that I was a singer, and that I had performed in class as part of a presentation. I remembered her but did not expect her to remember us!

And thank you mom, for “doing it for the team!”

There’s more! It was great seeing Harvey as a commentator on the Pregame and Postgame Shows. Being an on-air co-host for a radio morning show for an internship (read my previous posts Birthday, Voice Tracking, Internship and Saying Goodbye… and Radio and Ann Romney), I know that the quality of the voice is supremely important. Harvey has such a mellow, smooth voice that still allows the intensity and urgency of his comments to connect with the audience. He is articulate and smart about what he says. He did a great job creating audience interest and contributing to the November 17 Dave McCann and Jan Jorgensen team!

His bow tie was a stellar way to be distinctly himself! Thanks to Harvey for his guest appearance on BYUtv’s Pregame and Postgame shows yesterday! Be sure to follow Harvey on Twitter!

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  • Chasedone November 18, 2012, 11:47 pm

    So glad you’re doing it for the team! Great picture! Great blog! And great joy Harvey Unga on the pre and post game shows!

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