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Christmas Pajamas

2011 Christmas Pajamas

The yearly Christmas pajamas! Each year on Christmas Eve we re-enact the Nativity, open an ornament (read Our Christmas Ornament Tradition), open a Children’s Christmas book (tomorrow’s entry) and open our Christmas pajamas!

When I was younger, the pajamas were usually a top and pants. The past few years it has been just a top and we reuse the bottoms due to lack of options given by manufacturers. Santa does not like to sew!

That change could be due to many factors:

  1. The aforementioned clothiers being stingy with Christmas fashions,
  2. We’re all adults now and not growing out of the pajamas yearly,
  3. We remember the “gray sweat pants debacle” of 2007…when we all got the ugliest gray sweat pants and a red long-sleeve shirt for our Christmas pajamas…a definite disappointment (we don’t reuse the gray sweat pants).

Either way, last year’s tops were quite a hit! The girls got somewhat generic reindeer shirts, but that was made up for the fact that the guys got official Elf shirts. Seriously, they were the funniest pajama tops we’ve ever had in the history of our Christmas pajamas!

I helped Santa out this year with the Christmas pajama selection, and I can honestly say we have some pretty funny ones…definitely good laughs in store for Christmas Eve!

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  • Chasedone December 27, 2012, 9:52 pm

    The pajamas definitely caused much chuckling! Especially the unofficial Christmas pajamas onesies!

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