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About the Blog

Jazzy Morsels is an integrated reflection of my experience with food prepared for and by family members who have a great love for music. Why not meet the basic needs for nourishment and belonging by using meal planning and preparation that incorporates personal tastes and participation?

Whether you are a small or large family, you can utilize mealtime to reinforce bonds by engaging in conversation that builds respect and love. I created Jazzy Morsels to facilitate and highlight the inestimable value of family mealtime as well as introduce generations to jazz, the truly original American music. Jazzy Morsels is my way of giving myself away to an audience even when I am not performing.

About The Singer—and The Sound Guy Brother

Growing up listening to my mom play piano during the day, my sister practice saxophone late at night, my brother practice cello in the afternoon, and my dad play LPs, cassettes and CDs whenever there was musical air space, I somehow forged a connection with vocal jazz. I sang for the first time on stage a medley of Disney songs from Beauty and the Beast when I was five years old. My younger brother, Erik, came up impromptu and danced karate kicks behind me. Without knowing it, this was our first music performance collaboration.

Soon after my tenth birthday, I started studying voice with professors (classical literature) and with jazz performers, simultaneously. Additionally, I learned the rudiments of cello to qualify for harp lessons. Erik would record my many music lessons which led to his expertise in sound recording engineering. By our college years, I was organizing combos and performing with Erik as my sound engineer. We formed our own independent jazz record label, releasing six CDs and two singles in five years all while I was earning my degree in Jazz Studies, vocal emphasis at Brigham Young University and while he was studying business there. We will be releasing my first jazz standards CD at the end of summer 2015.

About the Law Student

Unexpectedly, after overwhelmingly fortuitous events at the end of 2012, I detected in my heart a surprising desire to study law. So I signed up to take the LSAT then five weeks later, I took it. Now as a second-year (2L) law student at J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, I recognize reasons for and continue to discover purpose in pursuing this course of action.

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