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Poppy Seed Muffin Tops

This is an adaptation of the poppy seed bread recipe I posted in an earlier blog. Muffin tops are so much easier than the loaves of bread--and they are easy to share! Though I do still like the little loaves, I no longer have to worry about whether the loaf pans are greased enough to […] Read More

Poppy Seed Bread


This is one of my favorite sweet bread recipes! And believe it or not, this bread actually tastes better five minutes out of the freezer. The citrus flavor really comes through and the crystallized glaze is so delicately crispy chilled! Since this is poppy seed bread, check out "Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)" sung by Bob […] Read More

Sweet Coleslaw

As promised, here's a cabbage dish--sweet and tangy coleslaw--to accompany yesterday's corned beef recipe! Isn't it wonderful to celebrate holidays with food? The sweetness of this coleslaw perfectly compliments the unique corned beef flavor. Don't worry about shredding the cabbage into tiny shreds. The larger cabbage pieces give this dish an extra "homemade" touch! The […] Read More


Muffin Ma'ams Basket

Today I got to try scones and biscotti from Muffin Ma'am's a local catering bakery in Dubuque, Iowa. They were fantastic!  I wish I could make scones and biscotti like they do! If you're looking for a great tasting, personalized gift or need great pastry for a party, definitely call Muffin Ma'ams! Check out their […] Read More

Christmas Baking


We love to bake in the Chaston household!  Below are some of the yummy foods we bake up to give away when we carol each year! Today my mom, sister, and I made lots of goodies: Poppy Seed Bread Gingerbread Cookies Brownies with chocolate peppermint bits Cranberry Muffins Yesterday, my sister made: Pecan Pie Cookies […] Read More